Axel Sierau

Germany | Owner | SPONSORIS.eu

About me

I have been playing handball since I was seven years old. I studied sport science at the German Sport University in Cologne and economics at the university in Co-logne. I worked over thirteen years at the institute of sporteconomics and sport-management. Since 2011 I am working for efh. Starting this year, I founded SPONSORIS.eu with a lecturer colleague of mine. Here we like to transfer scien-tific knowledge to the sports industry.


My presentation “Kids are the future of handball” shows grassroots best practice from TuS Derschlag (Gummersbach). I would like to inspire you to get more kids in your clubs, so there is an excellent opportunity to get their parents as possible new members and players for senior teams and volunteer working in your clubs. This brings us to new possible sponsors.

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